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About Us

We provide efficient and cost effective staffing services in Canada and India in Information technology domain with our unique and dedicated approach.We have a team of professionals who can understand your requirements and act on it in a holistic and time sensitive manner



We believe that technology offer solutions toward everything and in order to get it done all you need is right set of hands and pairs of eyes. With our dedicated and experienced professionals we can help you to find the right talent within the right time

Our Services

We don't want to limit ourself to a particular set of portfolio because we believe there is music behind every string and it's worth going after all of them so no matter what your problem is we would love to solve that no matter what it takes.


We offer efficient and cost effective IT staffing services in Canada and India across all domains...


We have some of the best minds working with us to solve all your technical or business problems.


We are in all time love with writing code and really follow the gem of adage that coding is poetry :)

We build reality in this virtual world...

We seriously believe that a more connected world will help the mankind to leap toward zenith and will bring equality of opportunities where everyone is free to learn and explore solutions to existing problems.We try our very best to stick to this vision of ours without thinking too much about our balance sheet.